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Welcome to the Postbuddy support forum

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:30 am


PostBuddy is an extension for the Firefox browser which enables you to abstract text passages from web pages, news, blogs and articles, and then reformat and edit the text for purposes such as news reporting, criticism, review, research and private study. It is also useful for admins and editors when editing someone else's contribution.

With PostBuddy, you can:

  •   Abstract text passages from web pages, news, blogs and articles manually or automatically.
  •   Remove unnecessary formatting and edit your text.
  •   Count the words, paragraphs, lines, characters and sentences in your text.
  •   Reformat text to break it up into more readable paragraphs.
  •   Calculate readability metrics.
  •   Detect and/or replace certain common Unicode characters that garble when posted.
  •   Detect and/or filter out swear words.
  •   Spell-check using Firefox's integrated spell checker.
  •   Set up custom quick links for frequently used sources, blogs or forums.
  •   Add a standard footer to your posts.
  •   Auto-post to common forum editors.
  •   Recover auto-saved versions of your text, e.g. after a crash.
  •   Search for text within the edit box.

PostBuddy is designed to work with Firefox versions from 3.6 and later, taking into account the latest relevant developer information available for future versions at the time of release. Development and testing has been done on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Ubuntu with Linux.

Version 1.0 was released in January 2013.

Version 1.1 (released June 3, 2016 and pending Mozilla approval at the time of writing) has been checked and updated for compatibility for Firefox versions of at least 46.*.

The preset quick links, some of which were obsolete, have been updated. The auto-clip Wizard button moved to a more intuitive position, especially for first use or occasional users. The help file updated to a more mobile friendly format.

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